Cyclone & Sophie

Cryptohorse is essentially about horses and welfare.

One component of Cryptohorse addresses the issue of the welfare of ex-racehorses by providing a comprehensive resource for the owners of such horses to interact and provide a social media platform for them to share their experiences and seek support for problems they may have..

The other component of Cryptohorse is aimed at the growing use of horses to help humans via Equine Assisted Therapy. The same social media platform provides the ability for organisations involved in this sector to promote their activities.

We at Cryptohorse recognise that taking on an ex-racehorse or helping humans using therapy horses is very much a "love job" as the overheads are high and community support is not readily available.

So apart from providing a free platform to our chosen audience we also provide them with a Feed Bin facility whereby funds can be raised via donations to support your horses. In return your donors can use Cryptohorse to see what their funds are supporting which we believe will lead to all the "Cryptohorses" enjoying a better future.